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Most people have heard of spirit animals, animal totems, or other forms of earth-bound spirit guides but we often overlook the messengers that come in the smallest packages.

The Small Spirits Oracle is a 50-card Oracle deck with a full length guidebook designed to raise the voices of the smallest spirit guides our planet has to offer - insects, bugs, arachnids, and more.

As the spiritual community tunes in more to the subtle energies around us, we start to tap into uncharted territory. We’ve all heard of spirit animals, animal totems and other forms of earth-bound spirit guides but we often overlook the the messengers that come in small packages. Sure, butterflies and dragonflies often get their fair share of the spotlight but are we really hearing their message to the fullest?

We know that this oracle deck will help start a new relationship and open conversation between the human world and the Small Spirit realm. We hope you enjoy and look forward to following along on your adventure!


The Small Spirits Oracle Deck includes 50 oracle cards. All of the images have been hand-drawn to give an authentic, natural feel to the deck. We have included a balanced blend of both black & white as well as full color illustrations. Every piece of art has been carefully designed to resonate with the energy of the Small Spirit it represents.

A full-length fieldguide is also included. This fun twist on a traditional guidebook invites you on an adventure through the Small Spirits realm. Included in these pages are everything you need to know about using the oracle deck. Whether you are brand new to cartomancy or you are a professional card-slinger, there is something for you. We've included newly developed spreads, all 50 card interpretations, and plenty of guidance on how to tap into the Small Spirits energy. Then both the cards and the guidebook are packaged into a beautiful (and sturdy) two-piece box for protection

To give the deck its best chance at a long life, we printed on a matte finish, 350gsm cardstock. The oracle cards have green holographic gilded edges that mimic the natural iridescence of many beetles but also providing extra protection to the card edges.

Small Spirits Oracle

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