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Get to Know Me

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Reverend Dr.

Michael Anthony

(MSc.D, D.Div)

My name is Reverend Dr. Michael Anthony (MSc.D, D.Div) and I am a Doctor of Metaphysical Sciences and Divinity. I have been in professional practice as a Spiritual-Life Coach & Intuitive Reader for over a decade. I am also a certified herbalist, energy healer, spiritual entomologist (study of insects in spiritual context), a writer, a deck designer, and a creative. I identify as a gay cis-gender male. I use the pronouns he/him. I am 29 years old, a resident of central Florida, a Libra, a husband and a dog dad.


While my earliest connections with Spirit were through the lens of Christianity, I found deeper connections beyond those childhood teachings. After many years of studying world religion, I now identify as an Omnist which means I believe in the power of one’s individual spiritual experience as it relates to them. My core belief is that everyone should follow a path steeped in love - for themself and for others. To learn more, check out my podcast: Let’s Be Omnist.

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