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The Priorities pin is dedicated to:

The Priorities pin asks us to evaluate our morning to-do list. Get dressed. Drink coffee. Make the world a safer place for trans youth. Drink more coffee.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) has highlighted adverse mental health indicators among LGBTQ+ students, including greater depressive symptoms, increased rates of seriously considering suicide, and higher rates of attempted suicide (Zaza et al., 2016). Transgender youth reported significantly increased rates of depression, suicidality, and victimization compared to their cisgender peers. Notably, in the past year, one in three transgender youth reported attempting suicide, almost one-third reported being a victim of sexual violence, and more than half reported a two-week period of depression.

Each Priorities pin supports a group called Point of Pride with a $2 donation. Point of Pride works to benefit trans people in need through gender-affirming support programs that empower them to live more authentically.

Point of Pride offers an Annual Transgender Surgery Fund, a Free Chest Binder Donation Program, a Free Trans Femme Shapewear Program, an Electrolysis Financial Support Program, an HRT Access Fund, and other community-building support initiatives for trans youth and adults.

Point of Pride also advocates for health care reform and the national adoption of inclusive health care policies that protect and serve the trans community.

Donations are tallied and made at the end of each month.

Priorities Pin

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