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Coffee & Cause is a collection of coffee inspired enamel pins that are designed with the global community in mind.

The House Blend Pin was designed with ending youth homelessness in mind. When you think about home, often times we actually think of a house - walls, a roof, a door. It's easy to look at the issue of homelessness and focus solely on getting a roof over someone's head but that is just the beginning. This hard-enamel pin is a reminder that ending youth homelessness is about more than just finding the four-walls to call a house; it's about the energy of building a home. For many home might be the place you relax after a hard days work, the place you feel safest, the rooms that your share with chosen family.

For me, home is where the coffee brews.

Each House Blend pin supports a local program here in Tampa, FL with a $2 donation. This group works to end the cycle of youth homelessness.

Donations are tallied and made at the end of each month. Learn More at:

The Specs:

• 1.5" hard enamel pin
• Black Enamel
• Silver Finish
• Coffee-inspired card back
• Details about the organization that inspired this design

House Blend Pin

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