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Delivered directly to your inbox as a web link, this in-depth video will discuss everything from Angels to Zodiac. Perfect for  those who want that one-on-one feeling from the comfort of their own home. Grab a warm cup of tea -- cause I know I will -- something to write with and get ready to unfold your destiny. We will cover anything you can imagine. Spirit and The Universe don't hold back as I work my way through a personally developed spread of awesomeness. I will use a variety of Angel, Oracle and Tarot cards as we talk about your family, career, love life, health, spiritual well-being, you name it. Nothing is out of reach with this reading. Watch as the messages flow organically leaving you with a fresh outlook on your journey ahead.


The Diviner Journey

Three Six Five

This video reading is a 12 card review for your year. We will discuss one month at a time and go into depth on angels, prayers, crystals and mantras for you to use. Delivered as a personalized Youtube video, you will have the ability to check back on this at anytime through out your year! Only available as a 30 minute reading.


For All Your Spiritual Needs.