For All Your Spiritual Needs.

from there discovering how I can connect with this sacred energy to better the lives of friends, family and those in need. I believe in spirit guides, guardian angels and the many other guiding energies of the universe. While I personally believe in the existence of these beings, my readings and services are always open-minded and molded to fit the practices of my clients. I am not here to preach my own beliefs or to "convert" anybody. I am merely here because I believe that everyone has a message to hear.
I am what is known as "Claircognizant" which comes from the roots "clair-" meaning "clear" and "-cognizant" meaning "knowing." Basically, I do not see spirits or hear voices. I merely ask for Divine Insight that comes to me as clear thought and ideas. This is then translated to you in whatever means necessary. Aside from my claircognizance, I am also what is known as an Empath. This means that I feel the emotions and energy of those around me on a heightened level. Even as a child, simple everyday arguments in the home were enough to make me ill from the negative energy. This gift has now been fine tuned to allow me to access emotions and energies that surround my clients to give a more comprehensive reading. My reading style of choice is cards such as Traditional Tarot, Angel Cards, oracle Decks, etc. These allow me to focus the information in my mind into a more tangible thought that can be expressed to my clients.
In the end, I'm just your average guy with an open mind. I believe that everybody has  their own story to tell and I cannot wait to READ yours!

Stay Divine,

You found your way here for a reason. Let's find out WHY.

Know Your Reader:

My name is Michael Anthony and I am an Intuitive Reader & Spiritual Advisor. For as long as I can remember I've been drawn to the very essence of spirituality. I've felt the tug on my heart to lead and counsel those in need. This calling has lead me to become the man I am today.
I was born into a faith of love, compassion and honesty. This faith eventually beckoned my family into the Christian faith where I further quenched my thirst for Divine Connection. After many years submerged into the church, I began to notice a void not being filled. This void was caused by a lack of honesty with myself in what I felt was MY TRUTH.

While still rooted into the Christian Faith, my branches have spread out, chasing the light that nourishes my soul. Since 2012 I've had the opportunity to spread my wings and really dig deeper into my gifts. First discovering exactly who/what "Spirit" is and